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SEO services Available for Small Businesses

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Small Businesses – Now Affordable SEO that Local Georgia Businesses Can Afford!


Our expert and experienced SEM / SEO specialists are ready to serve you and all of your search engine optimization and social media optimization needs.  Remember, if your are not on the first or second page of the Google search then customers and clients can’t find your website, which means they can not buy your goods or services.  A top position in Google is much like having a prime location on the main drag of town.  Realtors always say that location is the most important factor in making a property valuable and the same thing is true on the internet.  Your website is an internet property and you want to occupy a prime location.  This is where we come in; we know the strategies to get you a high ranking.


Research shows that internet searchers rarely go past page 2 and only go as far as page 4 when they can’t find a top site that meets their needs.  You want your website to show up high in the search, preferably on page 1 and “above the fold,” which means that you want your website to be in the top 5 links of page 1 before anyone has to scroll down the first page.  Research also shows that the first 5 spots on page 1 of a Google search receive about 90% of sales.


Here is how we typically approach SEO for your site:


     1. On-page factors are essential – We check to see if you have included enough text on your site and if that text integrate words that are relevant to your business, niche, category, or topic.  We make sure that the html code on your site is free of errors and problems as well as installing any necessary plug-ins or components to the site.  It is important that the text content on each page of your site is, at least, 250-400 words.  We tweak all of the important html tags and meta tags that tell the search engines about your site.


    2. We work on social media integration and make sure that your site is linked to related social media accounts that advertise and promote your business or website as well as functioning to a means of bringing a flow of clients and visitors to your site.


     3. Then, we work on off-page factors such as making sure that all of your websites pages are indexed by the major search engines.  It really doesn’t matter if your site has great content or not, if the search engine do not know about your great pages.  So, being indexed is absolutely necessary for a successful website.  As well, we begin to make posts on around 30-40 social media sites about your website and telling both the public and the search engines that your site and these posts are out there.  We also begin to place a link pointing back to your website on other sites across the web that are somehow related topically to your website.  This process of placing your URL or link across the web is called, “backlinking.”  Backlinking may be about the most important thing that a company or individual can do to help rank their website high in the search.


The reason that backlinking is so important is that Google and the other search engines have highly sophisticated mathematical algorithms that count every mention of your website URL, anywhere on the web, as a vote for your site.  Obviously, those sites who have lots of backlins pointing to them from other websites that Google think are “authoritative” for a particular type or topic of website will rank very high in the Google search.  However, just any old backlink will not help you! The backlinks have to be from authoritative sites or at least from sites that Google deems as okay in order to help your site’s rankings.  We know where to build backlinks so that your site will rocket to the top as fast as possible.

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