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About Us – Writtenperfect.com

About Us – Writtenperfect.com

Welcome to WrittenPerfect.com, a website that you can trust to Write, Translate, Edit, Proofread, and design web pages as well as web content. We employ a cadre of highly trained Writers, Editors, and Designers, who are on the cutting edge and latest trends of Web-writing and Web-design. With over 15 years in the writing business and over 10 years of Web design experience, our professionals and specialists have been working in their respective fields for a long time. Many of our specialists are currently working for the leading companies in their industry and work for us to amplify their earnings. We have an experienced team ready to help you with all of your web needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all of the support services necessary for small business people to be able to have successful websites that enhance their primary businesses, make them money, and get their message out. We seek to do this while upholding the highest levels of service, professionalism, and ethics. We also seek to provide honest and affordable service and access for small businesses to premium web services that are usually only available to big companies and wealthy individuals.


Our CEO, Stanley Garland, Ed.S., founded WrittenPerfect when he saw the local and national need for small businesses for web development, translation, and proofreading. After beginning the business as an individual freelancer, he soon saw that in order to truly ramp up earnings there was no way that he could do all of the work himself. Therefore, he began to enlist a team of trusted individuals, some who were freelancers themselves, and others who content professionals. Now, over 20 individual professionals who are ready to serve your needs utilizing their respective expertise and specializations.

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