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Georgia Web Design Services – Albany, Sylvester, Tifton, Cordele, and Moultrie, Georgia



Sylvester Georgia Web Design Services - Albany, Sylvester, Tifton, Cordele, and Moultrie, Georgia
We specialize in WordPress and Joomla websites. We can integrate forms, code custom html/CSS, and build payment gateways for your website.  We have hundreds of themes and mockups that we can show you to help you get a feel for the type of website that you want to represent your business, institution, or simply yourself.
There are several web design platforms that we offer to our clients.  We mainly use these because we believe that they are the best and will give you the easist and greatest return on your website investment.


We build sites using:


     *Wordpress — One of the world-wide most popular website CMS platforms.  Its strength is that it was originally developed for blogging and it is very well suited to getting good search engine rankings, since it is easy to use and very adaptable and customizable.


     *Joomla — It is probably the 2nd most used CMS world-wide, its strength is that it is very versitle and is built to exploit social media quite well.  Like WordPress, it can be extended and customized so that it will do nearly anything.


     *Webs.com — This platform is popular in that it has a graphical builder interface and is easy for clients to work with after being set up.  It is aimed at the economy user and, while it has a few limitations for customizations, it can be fully customized for most businesses and costs less than other platforms when we build in it.


     *Webnode —  Another economy website platform, it is a bit cheaper than other options.  Its strength is that it has lots of preset themes and web shops to choose from.  It is ideal for the business that just wants a simple site where they can sell a variety of goods in a web store setup.


We can show you all of these options and if you think that they will not meet your needs then we can tailor a special website just for you by use of a variety of other options at our disposal. We do quality and customer center Georgia Web Design based out of Sylvester Georgia.

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